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    Thinking thoughts an writing them down so others can think about them too.

    About me…


    I am…let’s see who or what am I?  I wear many hats so it’s sometimes hard to say who or “what” I am.


    Am I to be defined by the hats I do wear or the one’s I choose not to? 


    I am a mother of three beautiful, strong, smart children, a spiritual person, a sexual being. I am political in a more quiet way than when I was younger. I am less patient, more assertive, less open, as likely to erupt into a volcano of screaming lava as to reach over and hug, kiss and caress.


    I am a complicated, difficult, exciting, intelligent, beautiful, sexy, confused, idealistic, faithful, honorable, delightful, frustrating, ball of thunder and lightning known as the African-American female making it work the best way she knows how…


    3 March 2009


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